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available on streaming platforms April 23, 2021

the debut release from GHOUL TALK

Magician Album Cover.jpg

For fans of: alternative rock, indie rock, grunge pop, post rock

Reminiscent of: Warpaint, Garbage, Wolf Alice, PJ Harvey, Jay Som

"The second I heard the guitar riff on 'Migraine/Headache'... from vocals to guitar, [Ghoul Talk] encapsulates that quality we love about Seattle... that rainy, dark, mysterious, anything-goes vibe..."

- West Coast Radio Podcast

Grungy and gritty, melodic and lush - Ghoul Talk’s Magician is a noble self-released debut and marriage of opposite worlds. Part indie noise rock, part synth pop, Magician is a séance of moody vocal harmonies, shimmering synths and chaotic fuzz. Though Magician’s arrangements swell and burst, there’s a structure to it - and where you start is not where you end. 


At first entrance, Magician is a dark room with the shades drawn. As “Migraine/Headache" - a sludgy tribute to '90s rock, chronic pain and dangerous doses of acetaminophen - culminates to a thick, gluey guitar solo embellished with French horns and glockenspiel, any expectation of full-on grunge gives way to an ecstatic burst of synthesizers with the opening of synth-rock banger “Materialize.”


One roaring guitar solo and surprising string quartet later, Magician finds its soft, sweet ending with the aptly-named “Sleeper”, a shoegaze pop ballad steeped in a haze of lead guitar harmonies and reverberating drums. Sleeper's unexpected dreaminess highlights Magician’s greatest trick: Ghoul Talk's dynamic songwriting and ability to set expectations, only to reveal there’s more behind the curtain.  

ghoul talk is r.k. king

Born in 1993, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist R.K. King is on the 27th year of her goth phase. Drawing inspiration from horror film scores, Riot Grrrls and noise rock, Ghoul Talk first materialized in Seattle, WA in 2018. Ghoul Talk's music is self-released via Death Certificate Records.



produced by R.K. King


music and lyrics by R.K. King


additional production and mixing by Marshall Gallagher


additional engineering for "Migraine/Headache" by Eric Padget, Electrokitty Studios, Hazy Bay Studios


additional instrumentation for "Migraine/Headache" by Emily Harris, Nicolle Swims, Heather Thomas, Eric Padget

mastered by Ed Brooks

photography by Rachel Bennett

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